Church Sign

Pastor:  Matthew Palmer – Email – mattpalmer27@hotmail.com

Deacons: Milton Henderson, Raymond Taylor, and Eugene McQueen

Meeting Times:

Sunday School – 9:30am

Sunday Morning Worship – 10:30am

Sunday Evening Bible Study and Prayer – 6:00pm

Address:  506 Tioga Rd., Ball, LA

About: Paradise Baptist Church is a small congregation of believers in Ball, LA.  We are affiliated locally with the North Rapides Baptist Association, statewide with the Louisiana Baptist Convention, and nationally with the Southern Baptist Convention.  We exist through Christ and for Christ, to bring Him glory and honor by making disciples through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  This includes gospel-centered preaching and teaching, gospel-centered worship, gospel-centered fellowship, and gospel-centered outreach.

What to Expect:  We’d love to have you come and visit, and maybe eventually join with us, at Paradise. You can expect to be welcomed with warm smiles, handshakes, and maybe even a hug or two.  Our only dress code is that we don’t dress in any way that would draw attention away from Christ and onto ourselves.  This means we don’t come to church in clothes that are overly nice (tuxedos and wedding/prom dresses), overly casual (pajamas and slippers), or overly revealing (swimsuits, guys in tank tops, low cut blouses, short shorts/skirts, or tight or form fitting), and we ask that you don’t either.  We are currently a smaller, older congregation, but our pastor and his wife are in their early 30s and the church is taking steps to provide discipleship opportunities for children and youth, as well as their parents.  Oh, and bring your Bible. Because you can expect to use it!  But don’t worry if you don’t have one, we’ve got plenty and we’re happy to let you have one!

You can also listen to recent sermons by clicking on the “Sermons” link above, visiting our sermon host site http://www.sermon.net/paradisebc, or subscribing to our podcast on iTunes.

Thanks for stopping by the site and we hope to see you Sunday!


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